Weronika Lyczywek - born in 1980 - from the family of great photographic skills, but she is so stubborn and she want to do everything... by herself!

She mastered on University of Szczecin on faculty tourism and logistics of maritime transport, but at this moment she knew very few about world. Then she started travelling and documenting every moment she have seen. And the passion has began...

She had visited all the continents exept Antarktica (she dislikes it - because of coldness) and she gained higher and higher levels of techniques and aesthetics of photography. She has huge support from her family that helps her travelling and conquesting the next parts of our globe. She's also interested in investigating her own town - she is a professional cityguide in Szczecin. After making thousands photos of travelling photography she discovered the other branch - advertising photography. She supports many cultural activities and she's a president of INTEGRA Association.

Deeply fascinated with travels and multicultural structure of the world she wants to present the story of a man of XXI century, his environment and everyday life - the story that happens here and now and has a chance to last thanks to photography.

Weronika in her collection has an impressive number of photos from all over the world, many of them awarded in photographic contests. Her pictures can be found in travel albums, periodics and advertisements. She is also the maker of exhibition named "How different can women be"...

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